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About The Author

About my love of dogs.

darryl-moultrieHi everyone my name is Darryl and welcome to my Rags for Rover – Stylish Clothes for Dogs website. I am a huge lover of animals. And one of the animals I love best is dogs. Dogs are truly a man’s and woman’s best friend. Sadly, I am allergic to dogs, but I try to be around them as much as possible without getting sick.

I live in an up scale pet friendly apartment community where just about everyone are dog owners. I see all types of different exotic breeds, sizes, colors, and personalities. So this information website is for those who love dogs like I do.

Why do I want to help people and their dogs.

The part of the country I live in can get very cold in the winter. I have noticed that although dog owners are well dress for cold weather, most of the time their pets are not. Dogs need to be dressed and protected from the cold just like humans do. Clothing for dogs is’nt a new thing, yet many people don’t know much about it.

Dogs (when outside) needs to be protected from all harmful elements, not just cold weather. Dog owners consider their pets as part of the family. Let’s treat them like one.

To clothe one dog at a time.

My goal is to inform everyone who read through my website how important it is to protect your dogs when playing outside, transporting your dog from one place to another, or going for walks.

To your dogs health,


Founder of Rags for Rover

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